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Tavoris Cloud (CHAMPION, 23-0) vs. Gabriel Campillo (21-3-1)

IBF Light Heavyweight Title

This is a simpler, less exciting version of Pacquiao/Marquez 1. The physically gifted power puncher drops the technician multiple times in the first round, but the technician clears his head and successfully executes his gameplan down the stretch. The difference between those two fights is Pacquiao has the mental strength to weather the storm and force exchanges that benefit his power and speed, making the fight more even and winning it for Pacquiao in my eyes. Cloud is clearly confused by Campillo’s lateral movement and in-and-out attack, and can’t shift the momentum outside of a flurry here and there. Cloud has the puncher’s toughness, where he’s clearly out of his element and confused, but he knows he can turn things around with one good punch. The problem is Campillo never lets him comfortable enough to find that punch.

After almost being stopped in the first, Campillo won nine of the eleven remaining rounds……and then loses a split decision. Why? Because Cloud is an entertaining puncher who will earn the boxing world more money than the chinny technician.

Such is life.


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