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a quick day trip to the bay area lead to our random discovery of delarosa, a high end vegan-friendly pizza bar with lots of great beer on draught (not to mention wine and cocktails). while the menu offers both vegan sausage and vegan cheese (soy-based/not daiya), we opted instead for the naturally vegan and cheese-less spicy marinara pie. exquisite!! check this place out. the pizza is phenomenal and the tap list isn’t fucking around.

nooooo that’s not pizza that’s literally just dough with sauce and like 3 olives on top

this is literally a great joke

I’mma need vegans to do better

Congrats you made garlic bread.

this is even worse than most places attempts at making tomato pie

it’s just fail on every level

It honestly looks pretty good, I’d try it.

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    jfc I’ve made better vegan pizza myself
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    no wonder there’s so much alcohol in the 1st pic, they need something to wash it down with
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    Congrats you made garlic bread.
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    It’s not pizza if there isn’t some type of cheese on it.