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Freeza’s immediate henchmen are tropical fruits:

Kui - kiwi

Zarbon - pomelo fruit

Dodoria - durian fruit

Appule - apple

…and the Ginyu Force are dairy products!

Ginyu - gyunyu (japanese word for milk)

Jeice/Jheese - cheese (chiizu -> jiisu)

Burter/Butta - butter (baataa -> baata)

Recoome/Reacoom - cream (kuriimu -> rikuumu)

Guldo/Gurd - (yo)gurt (youguruto -> gurudo)

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Some additional blogs/people:

I’ll do a follow forever next time because it’s shorter - even though I’ll unfollow someone if I don’t like what they post and I expect you to do the same. I’ve been thinking of deleting, but I use Tumblr to distract myself from my studies. I know I’d regret starting over so I’m stuck with you and you’re stuck with me for the time being. It’s subject to change and maybe I’ll get so annoyed or bored I’ll delete anyway.

I’m not following some of these people (anymore) which is fair enough, but some aren’t following me either which makes them kind of lame if you think about it. If they woke up one day and their first step out of bed resulted in them stepping on a lego then that’s only fitting.

On a serious note; I appreciate the follows, the likes and the reblogs. I would have been out this bitch earlier if it wasn’t for you whose screennames I don’t remember. And even if we don’t interact much (or at all) let it be known that like Frasier “I’m listening.”

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Chance The Rapper - Thottie

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Éder Jofre vs Fighting Harada II

Happy belated birthday (April 23) to former world champion and probably the greatest Japanese boxer of all time Masahiko Harada (55-7).

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i havent uploaded doodles in a while mainly because busy and lazy, but heres some street fighter doodles ive been doing over the past week

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Definitely the worst, most alone I’ve ever felt.

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