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In New York City, 123 people have been killed by law enforcement officials since Sean Bell was slain in 2006. 






These are just some of the lives that were stopped short due to police encounters. Look at their faces. Read their stories. Know their names. This is just the tip of the iceberg that is police brutality. Even though their lives were taken from us, do not allow them to be forgotten. 

They all have faces… They all have names…


A Wounded Danish Soldier (detail), Elisabeth Jerichau-Baumann

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Rufino Tamayo (Mexican, 1899-1991), Dos Figuras, 1976. Mixograph, 22 1/2 x 30 in.





Police shoot teenage special-needs girl within 20 seconds of arriving to ‘help’

On June 3rd, 2014, the Serrano family was having difficulty with a young female family member who suffers from a mental illness and depression. Yanira Serrano-Garcia, 18, had apparently gone off of her medication and became agitated and hard to control.

“[Yanira] wanted to be normal. She wanted to stop taking her medication, and I get it. Sometimes when my feet hurt I just want to be normal. I don’t want to take pills. I get her…all we want is justice,” said a friend of Yanira’s during a community march. 

“Sadly, they mistook her for something she didn’t do, and a cop decided to get his gun out when he could have gotten out his taser, his pepper spray,” she said.

“She has special needs and we just want answers,” said Yanira’s brother, Tiny Serrano. “Who are we supposed to call now when we need help when who is supposed to help us is killing our kids?”

I feel like I reblog this kind of stuff every single day… Same story, different names. And police always use the same fucking excuses because they’re trained in how to loophole the law. 

girl with butter knife in public vs. trained police officer

i am ENRAGED holy SHIT


The community in Ferguson is struggling to come up with the money to keep their kids fed, since school has been cancelled all this time, yet people have donated over $12,000 to the murderer who started all of this in the last 24 hours alone. Think about that. And then donate to the right cause.

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ホットプレートを活用。 : 暮らしのぼやき。

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crushing on Emma Sulkowicz

hope the guy who raped her gets kicked out or arrested. :-(

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Edo-chōyūkai 1961